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3 Reasons Why Your Zoom Keeps Crashing – Avoid Zoom Connection Problems by Getting Fast and Stable Internet

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Tue, Dec 1, PM. Pouyant ,. If your connection or packets are lost during a meeting, a speed test will never tell you so.

My first thought is have you tried testing Zoom with other devices? If so, are they also experiencing the same issues or is it just the one device? This can help narrow it down to either the laptop or if it is truly a network or service issue. I suspect other device may work and its isolated to your one machine. Since its a work machine, is this device on VPN? Many VPNs signicantly throttle internet speeds, so try the speed test while on it.

Have you tried Zoom without VPN? Youre internet speed is only as fast as its weakest link! Are you using any SaaS applications? This is not a measure of internet speed, its your connection to the router. If its flatlined, youre simply losing connection to your router. Its not likely a service issue. If its fluctuating, you may want to evaluate things such as applications open that interact with the internet browsers, vpns, firewalls, antivirus. If other devices work, perhaps check your router settings, maybe even do a simple power cycle.

I recently had an issue and found the “free” Advanced Security in the Comcast provided router was causing significant problems for me. So, any little glitch is going to affect them. In my case, on Wi-Fi in the same room as the router is terrible, but all problems go away when wired. For example, if your wired LAN happens to be running at Mbs for some reason, Windows will probably stick with the faster Wi-Fi connection unless you adjust some parameters. I have hard wired the work laptop to the router and my personal one is on Wifi sitting right next to the router.

I use both laptops in my parents house they have a much slower Verizon Fios service and there is no problem ever whatsoever. I have tried running packet drop tests and such but nothing seems to be wrong, speed tests are amazing packet drop tests seem perfect, honestly not sure what else to try! I’ve tried logging him in on other devices, both on wi-fi and hard-wired. I did find out through this process that Comcast had me on a Bmps gateway combo router and modem although I was paying for the Bmps package.

The only thing that does work is when the school’s tech person logs into his district-issued device remotely while he’s logged into class. Something about that connection works for him. Are these normal? Okay, I’m going to share some months long research and fiddling with regards to Zoom. I have had a lot of issues with Zoom over the past 9 months, and I believe I have solved the problem fingers crossed.

It’s been working for over a week without issues since I found the culprit. Over the past 9 months I have attempted to fix the issue. Since the starting point, I have upgraded my broadband connection to Gig service from Xfinity, tried Xfi pods, directly connected via ethernet ran new line to my office and I finally ended up with a Netgear Orbi WiFi 6 mesh setup with a router and 2 satellites.

So, what was the problem and what is the fix??? The issue is that it’s usually poorly implemented or cannot handle a lot of SIP connections. This bogs down Zoom and makes it perform poorly. Over a week ago, I discovered this with the help of the Internet. I disabled this feature, and literally all of the Zoom issues have gone away. I suspect this is what I’m wrestling with. Is that correct? Please create a new topic of your own here on this board detailing your issue.

Your Home Network. Xfinity Community Forum. I am experiencing the same thing. Zoom is very critical for my work especially during these times. I have purchased the fastest Internet plan Xfinity offers in my building 1GB Down and 50mb Up and speedtest on my laptops and phones shows that I am actually getting those speeds and sometimes even higher.

My laptop is right next to the wireless router, however just to be sure I went ahead and tested with a wired connection directly into the router and still same issue. I even tested with another laptop, same thing. This is really bugging me and I am at a loss on what the reason could be. Anybody else have any suggestions? I do hope that Xfinity can seriously investigate this issue and bring it to closure or provide further troubleshooting guidance as I have seen other Xfinity users report the same thing here in this forum and other places.

I guess i sort of went on a rant here. Let me know if any of this helps. I’m having a similiar issue with my son’s Zoom for school. He logs into his teachers’ classes and he gets kicked out every 10 minutes or so. I’ve tested accounts, devices, and connections to the internet. Cable Modem HW Version: AngeyBird Please create a new topic of your own here on this board detailing your issue.

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– Tips for Connecting to Zoom with Slower Internet Connections – Organizational Development


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