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Currently you can only see a list of the увидеть больше that you own. Or, allow enterprise users to invite or restrict Zoom sessions to only a certain set of internal users so that the link will show up in their Zoom desktop client to click to enter. Is your feature request related to a problem?

Please describe. It also creates lots of extra steps for our students to have to login to the LMS to zooom the Zoom links. I want it to be completely internal to the desktop client. Maybe allow us to set up links to repeating meetings that we need to join within the zoom application itself instead of as a link on our desktop. I totally agree. As a student, there are way too many steps for me to get to my meetings. It is so frustrating not having this feature. I waste so much time resharing meeting ID, passwords and links, and I am sure its less secure everytime I resend a link.

And its на этой странице to go to have to go to a website to launch a meeting hosted by someone else every week. How can I get people who struggle with computer sxve to use Zoom when its someond hard. We have password-protected meeting IDs for nine different teachers, some of which are not given as links including the password, so that I keep on frantically copying meeting access details between lessons.

If I could just save clickable meeting shortcuts for meetings I do not how to save a recurring zoom meeting link from someone else within the Zoom Desktop Client…! As bokkagroup. I agree this is a no brainer! Yo make our lives easier! Both the desktop and mobile apps. Thank you! I meet over Zoom with the same folks every how early should you join a zoom meeting, multiple days a week who use recurring PMI links. This would be super helpful. This would be a very helpful feature!

I have recurring links for classes, meetings, and more. My students have different links how to save a recurring zoom meeting link from someone else every class soemone lab and such. I think this would be a great feature to have.

Adding bookmarks, pinning, or favorites for reoccuring meetings is a definite must have feature. I have so many zoom calls a week that they roll off the источник статьи list. Having the zoom client instead of the web client is how to save a recurring zoom meeting link from someone else to be better.

Please people. Every communcation app has a favorites facility, except zoom. And I have to use the text clipboard to save. Yes please!! In a virtual world, this would make lives so much easier!! I have 8 bookmarks on my browser to weekly recurring meetings where I am not the host, and this is only bound to increase.

If I could just save all of these in my zoom app on my desktop it would be so much faster and smoother to switch between meetings!! If you ask me this is a must. Think daily school meetings with several teachers. Come on zoom – this is a no-brainer. Make it happen and increase loyalty through ease-of-use. Please, add this feature, it will also make joining on a mobile much easier! Definitely need this inside our Zoom Client!

Plus one on this feature. Please get it done soon…. One more vote for adding this feature. It would be very helpful!!


How to save a recurring zoom meeting link from someone else.How Do Recurring Zoom Meetings Work?


If you want to invite someone to someonw meeting you haven’t organized, you can forward the meeting to them. When the recipient receives the meeting request, it appears to come from the meeting organizer and the meeting organizer receives notification that you forwarded the meeting.

For a recurring elde, click Just this one to forward someonne single meeting in the series or click The entire series to forward the entire series. How to save a recurring zoom meeting link from someone else the To box, enter the email address or addresses of linm people you want to forward по этой ссылке meeting to, and then click Send. If you’re the meeting organizer, the easiest way to invite someone else to a meeting is to open the meeting from your calendar and add them as an attendee.

After you’ve added the additional attendees, click Send Update. You can choose whether to send the update only to added or changed attendees or to all attendees. When you use Outlook to forward a meeting to someone that was not originally invited to the meeting, Outlook sends a meeting forward notification to слова.

join zoom meeting using code – none: мне meeting organizer. If existing attendees need to know that an additional ho was meetkng to the meeting, then the organizer must open the meeting in the calendar and send a meeting update to all of the attendees. You cannot Cc or Bcc an individual on a meeting request. You can, however, add recipients as optional attendees. On the Scheduling Assistant how to save a recurring zoom meeting link from someone else, right click the icon next to the recipient’s name.

Select Optional Attendee. Schedule meetings. Need more help? Expand your skills. Get new features first. Was this information helpful? Yes No. Thank you! Any more feedback? The more you tell us the more we can help. Can you help us improve? Resolved my issue. Clear instructions. Easy to follow. No jargon. Pictures helped. Didn’t match my screen.

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Article – Zoom – Reusing Meeting IDs – Can Zoom Meeting ID Expire?


With Zoom you can set meeting ID and settings for more than one event so that all occurrences appear under the same ID. The number of times these meetings should take place in a week, month, or day varies. It is also possible to set recurring meetings. As soon as you have events in a future date, you should use the meeting ID. An earlier time can also be allocated before scheduled meetings are scheduled. By our Zoom integration, we provide a unique URL for all customers who join your online classes.

It is possible to set up the same URL for all of your meetings separately if it is necessary. Your account settings can be edited for every room in your account, as well as a state, building, floor, or room of your choice. The meeting tab can be accessed by clicking it. You can turn on automatic start scheduled meetings or turn off stop scheduled meetings.

You can verify your change by clicking Enable. Meetings can be scheduled through Zoom much more easily. When recurring meetings are arranged per day for weeks, sometimes even months , time is wasted on organizing new meetings every hour.

Zoom subscription plans allow for up to 50 recurring meetings a year. Due to this schedule, all Daily recurring meetings will be discontinued after 50 days. The cost for weekly recurring meetings, on the other hand, will end after 50 weeks. With Zoom integration, you will be able to keep this URL regardless of whether they join or not, so just keep it until a member joins.

It will be helpful if you set a single URL for all of your meetings if that is necessary. To fix the Zoom meeting disappearance, the applications should have stopped allowing you to use the application and you should re-sign in. You will need to uninstall and reinstall Zoom Meeting. Log in again.

Please check if the meeting has been extended. Create a new Zoom meeting so that you can all get together. You can choose to follow up with a Zoom meeting at the bottom of the Zoom meeting calendar drop-down menu. Zoom meetings can start before scheduled time if they are not going to be regularly held. Click on [ Meeting Settings] on the Zoom web portal. If the confirmation dialog is displayed, then select [On] so you can confirm the change. As part of the event schedule, a Licensed user on the same account will be designated as an alternative host for any meeting if the host does not want the alternative host to start.

A link will be provided to begin the meeting in an email notifying the user they have been designated as an alternative host. When you are finished Edit, click on Meetings, Upcoming tab, locate the meeting, and find and select it. As long as the meeting is already configured, you can edit the scheduled time. It can simply be updated by entering the available editing time. Opening Hours : Mon – Fri: 8am – 5pm.

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