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Tutorial: Zoom virtual whiteboard | Department of History | University of Washington.

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Enhance Collaboration With Online Whiteboards | Zoom.How do I use the Whiteboard in my Zoom meeting?: Ask USQ Current Students


Navigate to /25383.txt. Use the page controls in the bottom-right corner of the whiteboard to create new pages and switch between pages. Use the tool bar to use the annotation tools. If you click on Whiteboard, the tool bar will disappear. Bring it back by clicking on Whiteboard again. Skip to main content.

You are here Home Resources Online Teaching Discussions Tutorial: Zoom virtual whiteboard This guide will show you how to use the whiteboard feature during a Zoom class session. Whiteboard Settings 1. Ensure that Annotation and Whiteboard are enabled.

Using Whiteboard during a Zoom session 1. When you are in an active Zoom meeting, click the Share Screen button on the menu bar. Click on Whiteboard, and ссылка на страницу Share. Select: Select, move, or resize your annotations. To select several annotations at once, click and drag your mouse to display a selection area.

Text: Insert text. Draw: Insert lines, arrows, and shapes. To highlight an area of the shared screen or whiteboard, select following square or circle icon to insert a semi-transparent square or circle. This can function as a highlighter tool if you change the color to yellow under Format.

Stamp: Insert predefined icons like a check mark or star. Spotlight: Displays your mouse pointer to all participants when your mouse is within the area being shared. Use this to point out parts of the screen to students, like an online laser pointer. Arrow: Displays a small arrow instead of взято отсюда mouse pointer.

Click to insert an arrow that how does zoom whiteboard work your name. Each subsequent click will remove the previous arrow placed. You can use this feature to point out your annotations to students. Eraser: Click and drag to erase parts of your annotation. Format: Change the formatting options of annotations tools like color, line width, and font. Clear: Delete all annotations. You can choose to delete your annotations or students’ annotations.

In order how does zoom whiteboard work delete only one how does zoom whiteboard work, select it and hit delete on your keyboard or use the eraser tool. Save: Save all annotations on the screen as a screenshot. The screenshot is saved to the local recording location. When how does zoom whiteboard work are done, click Stop Share.


– How does zoom whiteboard work


Zoom, the popular video conferencing platform, has a comprehensive collection of features. One of the most useful ones is the whiteboard feature, which is a must-use for online classes.

It allows teachers to demonstrate complex concepts on a virtual whiteboard through annotation. Zoom’s whiteboard feature is not available on every platform. The iPhone app does not support the whiteboard feature currently.

You don’t need to pay to use the whiteboard feature on Zoom. However, the feature is not available via Zoom on the Web.

So, download and install Zoom on your laptop , desktop, or mobile device first before proceeding. If you already have Zoom, ensure you’re running the latest version of the application. Zoom will start sharing the whiteboard with all participants instantly. And if you want to stop sharing the whiteboard, tap Stop Share at the bottom Android or top desktop. To get the most out of the whiteboard feature, you should familiarize yourself with the different functionalities available.

Once you start sharing a whiteboard, Zoom will use default styling options. However, you can tweak different things to suit your taste and use case. For instance, you can change the color of your annotation pen and its line height. Just tap the Format button from the top toolbar to get started.

The Eraser is another handy tool that does what it suggests. You can also utilize the Spotlight tool to help attendants instantly recognize what you’re referring to on the whiteboard. The Arrow tool is tucked away behind the Spotlight tool, immediately inserts an arrow to any location on your whiteboard.

The Vanishing Pen is handy for side notes, as its annotations fade away after a few seconds. If you find it hard to annotating manually, you can use the Text feature to type digital text. And if you want to select anything on your whiteboard, use the Select tool. Zoom also offers Undo , Redo , and Clear options on the toolbar, which precisely do as their names suggest. The whiteboard feature in Zoom is a perfect way to demonstrate complex concepts to your peers.

The feature is easy to use and free. In addition to the whiteboard feature, you should also know how to use the different best features available on Zoom. Here’s a guide on how to use the whiteboard feature in your next Zoom meeting. Availability of Zoom’s Whiteboard Feature Zoom’s whiteboard feature is not available on every platform. How to Use Zoom on Android. Learn How to Write Files in Node. AC vs.


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